Dance Costume-Glacial Decoy

My partner is Em. Our dancer is Olivia. We designed the costume based on the flowing movement of the dance and the translucence of the original dance costume of Glacial Decoy. We both used the same fabric which has the characteristics we want for our design. 

I made the top of the dance costume in this project. It contains four different pieces of fabric, which forms an overlapping asymmetrical hemline at the front and back. Since the body of the top could offer enough movement, there is no sleeve or any arm decoration.The dancer will be wearing a nude color underwear to eliminate the distraction from the body and garment. 

Personally, this is the best cooperation experience I have ever had when it comes to design projects. Em and I came up with the design together and split the work fairly. We gave each other enough freedom and trust to finish our part with our best, while supporting each other and keeping the communication going well. 

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